Flatwork Feeder LP1


The FlexFeed LP1 is a versatile flatwork feeder, able to feed the whole range of small and large flatwork pieces, like sheets, duvet covers, pillow covers, table linen etc.
The servo controlled spreader clamps, high speed infeed roller, spreader brushes, high power vacuum box all contribute to high feeding quality.
The FlexFeed LP1 is available in various working widths, being 3000mm, 3300mm, 3500mm or 4000mm.

It is possible to operate the FlexFeed LP1 in 4 different ways:
1. By one operator who is in the centre of the feeder. Operator puts the corners of the piece directly in the spreader clamps. The spreader clamps return to the operator after its spreading cycle.
2. By 2 operators, one on the left side, the other on the right side. The spreader clamps first go to the left operator, while the right operator prepares the piece, after its spreading cycle the spreader clamps go to the right operator while the left operator is preparing the next piece.
3. By 3 operators, one on the left side, one of the right side and one is preparing the goods. One spreader clamp is positioned on the left side, the other on the right side. As pieces are already prepared, both operators take a corner and puts it their spreader clamp. As the spreader clamps are in a wide position they only have spread shortly offering very high production rates.
4. By up to 6 operators for manual feeding of small pieces like napkins, pillow cases etc directly onto the vacuum table. In this mode the spreader clamps are directed towards the rear position.

Each spreader clamp is controlled by a servo motor for maximum productivity and accuracy. Also the horizontal movement is servo-controlled.

For (round) table cloth, the FlexFeed LP1 has the possibility to make an additional stop for quality control/correction.

The LP1 is provided with a vaccuum chute for best shake out performance. Two high power and frequency controlled vacuum fans provide the vacuum power in the chute. Each side is provided with a central dust collector with filter for easy and quick dust removal.
Beside the vacuum chute, also a high spinning roller, stretch knife and spreader brushes contribute to the smooth shake out and spreading performance.

After the spreading movement the piece is put on the conveyor belts. A separate high performance vaccuum system takes care of the required under pressure.

The FlexFeed LP1 is available in single or double lane execution and is provided with stretch conveyor for additional stretch performance.


Download PDF FlexFeed LP1 300-400