FlexFold AG220

Flexfold AG220 single stack garments     Flexfold AG220 single stack

The FLEXFOLD AG220 is the ideal folding machine for laundries processing a wide range of tumbler dried linens such as garments and towels.

Besides its unsurpassed ability to automatically fold and stack towels and sheets of various sizes, the FLEXFOLD AG220 is also capable of folding apparels such as t-shirts, polo shirts, undershirts, scrubs, hospital garments, uniforms, pants, and even overalls—making the FLEXFOLD AG220 the most flexible automatic garment folder in the market!

The FLEXFOLD AG220 can be provided with up to four stacker stations, giving operators the ability to randomly process up to four items per program. These items are then automatically identified, folded and dispatched onto a dedicated stacker station.
Once a stack reaches its predetermined height, the unit neatly transfers it onto a final delivery conveyor belt located at either the left or right side of the unit and delivers it to either the front or the rear of the machine.

The FLEXFOLD AG220 can fold items up to 220 x 120cm (86 x 47”).


Folder FLEXFOLD AG220: