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FlexFeed LP1-300 – 400

Versatile feeder including spreader clamps for all kinds of small and large flatwork giving the best flexibility and quality.

The FlexFeed LP1 is a flatwork feeder that delivers flexibility, reliability and simplicity in one compact package.

The FlexFold LP1 can process small and large items in single and multi-lane mode and is available in various working widths with one or two feeding stations (LP1 and LP2).

Four feeding modes are possible to optimize speed and quality:

  1. One feeding operator in the centre of the feeder; one operator places a corner of the linen in both spreader clamps. The spreader clamps spread the linen and then return to the operator.
  2. One feeding operator on each side; the spreader clamps alternate between operators while they prepare the next piece.
  3. One prepping operator in the center and two feeding operators positioned half-way between the center and the sides; with the items spread for easy picking, each feeding operator places one corner of the linen in their respective spreader clamp. The prepping and shorter distance traveled by the clamps yield the highest production rate.
  4. Several operators aligned in front of the unit; each operator feeds the leading edge of small linens such as napkins and pillow cases directly onto the vacuum table. In this mode, both spreader clamps are moved away from the operators.

The LP1 is the ideal feeder for ironing lines processing a whole range of linen in either small or large batches.